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Traditional saddles and their dangers

While cycling, gluteal muscles, legs and adductors contract when the cyclist put his feet on the pedal, they are constricted.

The front of your saddle, even if it is curved, can compress one’s private parts, rub and irritate one’s inside leg. Thereby, it can be harmful to the vascular, muscular and nervous system of cyclists and to their efficiency during the races.

Besides, traditional saddles often cause skin lesions and can lead to contusions of the perineum and to pains because of the pressure on the urinary tract, in particular during long efforts.

Health problems that could occur

Numbness, sexual impotence, sterility,  varicose vein, inflammation of the epididym, bursitis, lymphoedema, hypertrophy of the labia majora. Pathology of the prostate, lower back pain, scratches, cysts, furuncle, lower results.

Pour aller plus loin
Le périnée du cycliste et la pathologie du siège
Dr Gérard Guillaume (médecin de l’équipe cycliste professionnelle de la Française des Jeux, Paris) 


Thanks to oscillatory moves of the Daniel Proust Saddle and its shape (without saddle nose) avoid most of the cyclists problems.
Different constrictions are removed : nervous, vascular, muscular and of urinary canal.
The vertebral function finds its liveliness and mobility. So, the musculoskeletal disorders disappear as much as with many pathologies related to cycling. 

►Comfort of ergonomic basis
►Abolition (deletion) of the ” beak of saddle “
►Earnings(gain) of power 
→Biomechanical studies realized in a hospital environment 
►Absence of compression:
→Muscular, vascular and nervous 
→Genital and urinary parts(parties)
→Of the prostate 
►Absence of cutaneous hurts
►Decrease of the pains lumbar vertebrae
►Correction of the asymmetries (leg shorter than the other one)
►Avoid cysts, bursitis, boils.

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