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Daniel Proust

Former professional racing cyclist who joined the Fagor-Mercier and Gitane teams. He was Raymond Poulidor’s team mate. 3 times French cycling champion after against the clock team races. He was hailed as the best amateur of the year 1969.


ligne animée
Cycling has always been my passion, to such an extent that this passion became my job as a professional racing cyclist. Because of the way I sat on the saddle seasons after seasons, my right leg had to overcome a regular numbness which progressively reduce the strength I had to pedal. Without any effective solutions, I had to put an end to my career as a professional. This was the starting point of my studies on the creation of a new saddle. The keener my thinking became the more I noticed the increasing number of problems caused by traditional saddles. Those painful traumatisms could become in some cases irremediable. In order to protect your health and spare yourself such handicaps. I designed in collaboration with specialists from sports medicine, a new generation of saddle combining ergonomics and biomechanics: the mobile health support saddle. Today, hundreds of cyclists have made the decision to ride using a Daniel Proust Saddle and as far as they know, it was for their own good. Enjoy the visit !

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